Mythbuster Mondays: Red or Orange Lipstick as an undereye concealer?

Mythbuster Monday: 

Can you use Red or Orange Lipstick to hide dark circles under your eyes? 

Is this a Beauty Hack or Whack? 

Pure Coral by NYC Cosmetics

So I saw this on YouTube by Deepica Mutlaya (DEEPICAM on You Tube) and she did an awesome tutorial on how she uses Red Lipstick to help conceal her dark under eye circles. I decided to put this beauty hack to the test and see if it would work for my skin as well!


1) Find the dark areas you want to conceal (For me it was underneath my eyes)
2) Use your normal concealer to blend on top of the Red Lipstick
(I used the E.L.F. Cover Everything Concealer for this test)
3) Blend using a damp beauty blender or sponge (I used my Real Techniques Sponge)

Honestly putting this on at first, I thought I looked like one of those Football players and thought I looked pretty silly! But hey, it was worth a shot! Now let's see if it worked. You can help be the judge...


1) Can be more affordable depending on what Red/Orange Lipstick you use (I used one that cost me $1.50 CAD)
2) Works to help cover dark undereye cirlces for tan/olive skin
3) Easy to do (3 easy steps to follow - as listed above)
4) Can be a useful way to use that Red/Orange Lipstick you may have forgotten about in your makeup collection

1) Red/Orange Lipstick may not work for all skin tones (see below for my suggestions for other skin tones)

2) You use two products (Red Lipstick + Concealer) vs. only using one product (ex. LA Girl HD Orange Colour Corrector)
3) Can be more time consuming to blend out

My Personal Thoughts:

1) Pure Coral Lipstick + E.L.F Cover Everything Concealer ($ 1.50 CAD + $0.50 CAD = $2 CAD) versus the
2) LA Girl Pro Conceal Orange Corrector($ 4.99 CAD)

I honestly think that these two work just about the same on my skin. I usually use the LA Girl Pro Conceal Orange Corrector for my dark under eye circles but after trying out this beauty hack, I now know that both methods work very well to cover those dark blemishes or dark under eye circles

If you have a bunch of red or orange lipstick you want to use, why not put it to good use and try this beauty hack! 

Note: This worked really well for my skin and I have a tan/olive complexion. It may not work for all skin colours. I have heard that these lipstick colours may work better for other skin tones:

Fair/Light Complexion - Pink/Peach Lipstick
Medium Tan - Dark Complexion - Red/Orange Lipstick
Darker Complexion - Red Lipstick

Overall, this is definitely a BEAUTY HACK.
Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Check out my quick 15 second Video Tutorial testing out this Beauty Myth: 

A video posted by Eda Mae (@_stylish.fashionista_) on

Until Next Time!

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