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Hello and welcome to my blog!

What is Stylish Fashionista All About?

I started this blog Stylish Fashionista in 2011 when I was living in downtown Toronto, Ontario as an outlet to share my tips on affordable fashion, beauty and style while being on a student budget. This blog was initially created to encourage body positivity, inspire and teach individuals how to look chic and classy while keeping that budget in tact. My passion was to show others how to mix and match fashionable pieces regardless of the cost.

Fast forward to nine years later (it is now 2020) and a lot has changed in my life. I graduated from my Radiation Therapy Program and moved to the other side of the country for my career. I am married to the love of my life and am currently residing in Prince George, British Columbia. I am also officially a first-time mom to a beautiful girl named Avery. These new lifestyle changes and experiences have truly changed me for the better and have created me to be a new and improved version of myself. 

What's new about Stylish Fashionista? 

Although much has changed in my personal life, my passion for beauty and fashion still exists. On Stylish Fashionista, you will be sure to find styling tips, information on the latest fashion trends as well as makeup and beauty reviews. I am also excited to share my new experiences in motherhood. Motherhood has also reminded me to love the body that you are in and I want to continue to spread the message of body positivity. There will also be lots of content related to my latest DIY projects, recipes, travel, money saving tips and so much more! 

I can't wait to share all my tips and connect with you all!

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