Laced Up

I looooooooove lace. I think it can look so classic when styled up right. Some of my favourite things in my closet are my lace pieces :). My favourite part of this lace shirt is the back, it's got an open back with a tie up top. So nice. I wish I could show you a picture of the back but I don't like taking pictures of peoples butts, hence, I don't really wanna show my butt. hahaha I'm sure you would also appreciate that.

Outfit of the day:

Nude Lace shirt with tie up back - ROSS
Jeggings - ROSS
Camel coloured wedge boots - Random Store in Philadelphia

Gold Teardrop earrings - Charlotte Russe

Secret Find - Camel Coloured wedge boots from a Random Store in Philadelphia for $10. True story. Random find while on vacation. I got them in the summer which is definitely off season but you can also find some great finds when they're trying to clear things out. I lucked out on these ones! 

Also, in total this outfit cost me $33 dollars. You can't even get a nice purse these days for $33 dollars. So it's a pretty good price for an outfit if you ask me! Yes I do love designer things but on a student budget, you gotta be budget conscious. I love clothes but there are more important necessities in life. 

Tomorrow is another adventure for me --- a friend & I are going to Kensington Market.... should be tons of fun! Will post what finds we get tomorrow!

Until next time.

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