Hear Me Roar

Today was another nice day in Toronto! Although you can never know how the weather is really going to be judging from the morning. It feels as if fall is just around the corner... it's always so cold in the morning and then heats up by mid-afternoon. It was quite the adventure out to Kensington Market.... there are so many neat shops out there. Lots of vintage places, accessories, fruit/veggie markets & food. It was a blast & the food was bomb. I had the best brie cheese sandwich ever! Anyways, back on topic... I bought an early birthday present for myself today considering that my birthday is tomorrow. (I'll show you the pics of what it is).

Outfit of the day:

Black leggings - UB
Cheetah Print Shirt - Forever 21
Black leather booties - Mama's closet (Straight from the 80s.. or 90s)
Jean Jacket - Mine since I was 12 years old

Gold Square Earrings - Dress-so
Gold Chain - St. Lawrence Market

Secret Find - Gold Square shaped earrings from Dress-so in Vancouver for 49cents! Best part about them is that they've got a crazy unique design.

Happy early birthday present for myself :)
Two things I've been looking for... I finally found in TO 
Some nice long feathered earrings $5.... Awwwweee yeahhh. 

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