It was another sunny day today and so I woke up thinking that summer clothing would be appropriate. However, I forgot that it can get windy in Toronto... soooo it was kind of colder than I expected. It was warm in the sunshine but in the shade it was cool & breezy. This outfit of the day was a fail for the weather. But oh well, I still wore it cause I didn't have time to go back home and change. One guy asked me on my walk to school today, "Aren't you cold today? It's cold in the shade but warm in the sun today" And I said, "yesssss... I forgot about the winds out here." And he said, "Well, you still look good!"

Still doesn't make up for it. haha I wish I wore leggings today. Next time!
Note to self: Sunshine does not equal it being hot out. Lesson Learned.

Outfit of the day:

Hot pink high waisted zebra print shorts - ROSS
Black Cotton Tank Top - H&M
Black Blazer - Nine West
Leopard Print Flats - Target

Black & Gold Leather Purse - Coach
Gold Studs - Forever 21
Gold Heart Necklace - St. Lawrence Market

Secret Find: Hot pink high waisted zebra print shorts from ROSS for $3.

Fall feels like it's just around the corner....

Until next time!

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