The Adventures of Buddy the Elf - Week Two (Dec 8-14)

This year was the first one that we decided to do an Elf on the Shelf with Miss Avery. We introduced her to Buddy the Elf and so far she has been really enjoying it! We are also really thankful for all the friends and family that have sent us fun ideas along the way. If anyone has any other fun Elf ideas please send them my way! I'm always looking for more and more ideas. 

Check out the Adventures of Buddy the Elf Week Two (Dec 8-14 , 2020)

Day 8: Buddy the Elf riding a reindeer

Day 9: Buddy left Miss Avery a present in her stocking!

Day 10: Buddy is all about that Karaoke!

Day 11: Buddy learned a lesson this day... DO NOT SWALLOW GUM. haha 

Day 12: Taking a stroll in Miss A's baby stroller

Day 13: SLAMMMM DUNK by Buddy!

Day 14: Buddy caught red handed at the Ice Cream Shop!

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