Come Shopping With Me At Winners - Affordable Makeup Haul

     Who loves saving money? I know I do! I have some money saving tips to share with you on how to shop at Winners. If you're from Canada, you would most likely be familiar with Winners. Winners is a store that sells name brand items for affordable prices. Winners is very similar to Marshalls and TJ MAXX (in fact I believe they are sister companies) as well as Ross or Burlington stores in the states.

     At least 3-4 times a year Winners has a massive clearance event, which typically occurs at the start of a new season.  I happened to shop at the right time and discovered a massive clearance event happening when I went into Winners. In this case the massive clearance occurred after the new year as they are starting to put out some new spring merchandise. I found some pretty amazing deals this year in the beauty section! From brand name beauty products from Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, NARS Cosmetics & much more, these products were selling at Winners for a fraction of a cost that you would find them at Sephora.

     I filmed a Youtube video about my fun excursion to Winners where I scored some great deals. Below is a link to the video:

     An example of some of the great deals I found was this ABH Bronzer in Rich Amber for $9 CAD. 

     This Bronzer currently retails at Sephora for $37 CAD and it was on clearance at Winners for only $9 CAD. It goes to show that you just never know what you might find at your local Winners, so be sure to check out it out! My Youtube video also goes into more detail on all the other great finds  I discovered at winners. Also, do not forget that it's not only the beauty section that goes on sale but also the clothing section. Previously at the massive clearance event, I scored some Michael Kors pants for only $13 CAD. So not only can you find deals on beauty, you can also find amazing deals on designer clothing as well. Happy shopping everyone!



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