Confessions of a (Thrifty) Shopaholic


This is probably the word that excites me the most when I'm out and about shopping. Recently I have been perusing stores to find some must have staple pieces for the upcoming season.

Now, I am the type of shopper that will always take the time to find items that are on sale. Some people don't necessarily have the patience for this but personally, I think it's exhilarating. Like that one time I found red polka dot Pixie pants at Old Navy for 49 cents. Yes, you read that right - 49 cents! I must add they were in excellent condition and brand spanking new. The Old Navy Pixie pant is a staple in my closet and are some of my favourite and most comfortable pants to wear at work. However, I refuse to pay full price for them. 

Full Price? 
Nope. I'll pass. I honestly rarely purchase any clothing full price and will usually wait for a sale or markdown. Of course there are pros/cons when you wait things out like getting the right size but I honestly believe that if it's meant to be yours then you will find it. 

I guess you can call me a thrifty shopaholic, which could actually be an oxymoron. But that's me in a nutshell - Stylish Fashionista (ALWAYS on a budget). 

My blog and Youtube Channel have recently been focused on travelling and makeup but due to popular request, I decided to start a new series about fashion and shopping to teach you tips on how you too can be a thrifty shopaholic. I do plan to do some haul videos, shopping tips and vlogs and take you shopping and thrifting with me as well!

At the end of the day my motto is that you do not have to necessarily spend a lot of money to look fashionable. You can look great while being on a budget. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with owning brand name or high end luxury items but I want to be able to provide affordable options for you guys.

Well the backstory is that I lived in Toronto for several years when I went to school and let me tell you, I was not able to afford luxurious things. I was literally a broke student just paying her way through school. I learned how to survive, how to thrift and how to find outfits without breaking the bank. It takes patience, time and creativity but in the end - it's completely worth it. You might think, well you are a working girl now - doesn't that mean you can spend more money on things? 

Yes that is true but I can NEVER forget where I came from and being on a budget is not a cycle that I ever want to break. 

So, are you ready to take this journey with me? I can't wait to show you the Confessions of a Thrifty Shopaholic. 

Check out my EPIC affordable shoe haul video down below which is part one of my confessions of a (thrifty) shopaholic series!

Until Next Time!

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