Ladies Night

Last night I hosted a ladies night Arbonne Party as one of my girlfriends is a consultant! It was a super fun night playing with makeup and skincare products. I was able swatch and test out a few products while doing makeovers on others. I will definitely will have to show you the Arbonne Haul I ended up with and of course I will also do a review of the products. 

For hosting the party I received a few rewards that I definitely used that night which included:
$300 worth of Arbonne products for $60
A free $60 gift (of my choice)
An Arbonne product for 50% off (of my choice)

I purchased a total of 14 items which came up to $90.79 CAD (including taxes).
I should have technically paid $436.60 for all the products I purchased but with all the host discounts it was so worth it!

I also have a preferred client membership so I could also receive 20% off items. The eyeshadow and eyeliners were on sale for 20% off + an additional 20% off if you are have a membership. It was definitely a good deal so let's just say I did a little Christmas shopping early! I can't wait to try out the products I got. Sending out a big thank you to all the ladies who came out!

Until Next Time!

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