Let Your Hair Down

For Halloween, the theme at work was "SUPERHEROS". 

I decided I was going to be Wonderwoman and somehow make my costume myself. 

Take a look at what I created below:

From Tim Horton's Sleeves to Wonderwoman Cuffs. 
All I bought was Gold Fabric for (1 Yard for $4) and I used a hot glue gun to glue it to the Sleeve. 
Next, I added red stars using red foam from the Dollar Tree (0.50 cents)

How to make the /Wonderwoman Shirt/Crown/Belt/Boots/Skirt

The shirt is an old shift from Joe Fresh as well ($3) I painted the yellow wonderwoman sign on the shirt and outlined it in black paint using some leftover paint I had from a previous project. Next, I outlined the symbol with gold glitter fabric glue (also $1.25).

The crown I made from and old headband and cardstock glittery paper I got from the dollar store ($1/sheet).  Using the same red foam from the cuffs, I cut out a star for the crown. It was easy peasy using my handy glue gun!

I used the same gold fabric to glue onto an old brown belt I had and never wore. The hot glue gun came in handy for this part as well! 
With some velcro from the dollar store, I was able to wear the belt after wrapping it in gold fabric. 

The red boots are an old pair of grey boots that my dad spray-painted red for me. I painted the white line with acrylic paint I had at home. 

Skirt: The skirt is an old blue skirt from Joe Fresh ($5). I used white foam to cut out stars and once again, with my handy glue gun, I glued the stars one by one onto the front & back of the skirt. I used silver sparkly fabric glue to outline each star. I got this glue from the dollar tree as well ($1.25) 

In total this look cost me around $15 which is a steal to me as most Wonderwoman costumes can retail for about $40-50 and they don't look as great as this!

Check out the final results:

Wonderwoman Makeup:

Check out the beauty bar for more Wonderwoman makeup details! 

Until Next time!

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