I have always loved this cover of Kanye's Heartless done by William Fitzsimmons.... Music & Fashion are a few of my favourite things! Sadly though this weekend, all contents within my iPod got erased due to it freezing up on me. It is old but still, it's going to be hard to replace all that music. It'll take me months or years to get it all back but it is possible. It'll just take some time. No matter what happens in life, there's still always a reason to smile at the end of the day!

On a side note, this outfit was worn for a casual day out with friends. Also, I'm finally able to rock the classic Sock Bun but I still need more practice with it!

Outfit of the day:

Grey Tights - Old Navy
Brown Boots - Ardene's
Vintage Tan Blouse - V.Village

Tan & Gold Belt - Costa Blanca
Gold Earrings - St. Lawrence Market
Navy & Red Clutch - Gift

Secret Find - Vintage Tan Blouse for $3 from V.Village.

Until Next Time!

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