Chic for Cheap.
I decided to challenge myself today and come up with one of the cheapest outfits I own.
Everything I am wearing is not more than a dollar a piece. True story. I think I just lucked out on some crazy sales. This total outfit cost $6 --- everything brand spankin' new. Check out what I got for $6.

Outfit of the day:

Forest Green Blazer - Honest Ed's (For 99cents)
Khaki French Connection Skirt (FCUK) - LW (Got this brand new with the tags for 49cents --- seriously)
Black Cotton Tank - Honest Ed's (For 99cents)

Gold Studs - Forever 21 ($1)
Gold Chain - St. Lawrence Market for ($1)
Mustard Yellow Belt - Forever 21 (for $1.50)

Secret find --- every piece from this outfit!
Also, today was 50% off V.V boutique for card-super savers. I went today & spent $70 but walked away with 10 things. Awwww yeahhh. They'll appear on this blog one day!

Until next time!

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