Pumped Up Kicks

Back in TO, away from family & I miss them already! It was nice to be surrounded with family <3. I love my family. This song always reminds me of them because it's what we all belted our hearts to during our car rides together the past weekend. We'll be reunited once again!

But for now it's back to reality... back on the school grind. We've all gone our separate ways across the globe.

Tatay --- I'm going to work hard so you're proud of me! I know you're watching up above. Miss you always <3.

Outfit of the day:

Old School Mustard Yellow Blazer - Salvation Army
Black Cotton Leggings - UB
Grey Tank - Forever 21
Black Flats - AE

Brown Framed Glasses - Random Shop in Philadelphia
Gold Flower Studs - Forever 21
Brown Leather Belt - Goodwill

Secret Find - Old School Mustard Yellow Le Chateau Blazer for $4.99 from the Salvation Army...

Until next time!

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