She Wants To Move

Today while I was shopping in downtown TO, I got stopped by a photographer to take a pic of my outfit. I hope that pic turned out! I love it here cause I can wear whatever I like & rock it. Andddd the fact that nobody knows me. Plus, there are so many stylish people I eye walking the streets of TO ---- I love the street style out here :). As you can I see, I shop anywhere & everywhere!

Outfit of the day:

Vintage Emporio Armani Blazer - V.Village (VV Boutique -- my fav)
Black Silk Highwaisted Shorts - Jacob
Black tank top - H&M
White Lace top - Fairweather

Black&Gold leather shoulder bag - Coach
Gold Hoop Earrings - H&M
White Stone Ring - H&M
Brown Framed Glasses - Random shop in Philadelphia

Each post, I'll put up a secret find for every outfit which is the cheapest thing I'm wearing.

Secret find from this outfit --- White Stone Ring for $2.00

Stay tuned for more postings.... coming soon!
Until next time!

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