I got a new messenger bag as a parting gift from my cousins (thank you) and so today I felt inspired to incorporate it for today's outfit of the day.

I entitled this Messenger-on-the-go --- BECAUSE today I only had 20 mins to get up, eat breakfast, get dressed & then get to class. This is what I get for studying until 3am and having to wake up at 8:45am to leave for class.

I guess I gotta get used to being back on the grind. Oh and of course, photos were totally taken after class.

Outfit of the day:

Black cotton leggings - UB
Grey cotton tank top - Forever 21
Italian Wool Blazer - V.Village
Olive Green Eaton Ankle Boots - V.Village

Black printed scarf - H&M
Double fingered gold heart key ring - Forever 21
Gold flower Stud Earrings - Forever 21
Brown Canvas & Leather Messenger Bag - Aldo

Secret Find: Black Cotton Leggings for $1.99

Until next time! I'll post when I have free time (usually in-between study breaks).


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