All about the FUNK

So today is another hot summer day in downtown Toronto. I had a couple errands to do at the Eaton's center & right by the center was a live funk band. Everyone was feeling it. People were dancing & cheering. It was amazing! They even did a rendition of Ghost Busters. If there's another thing that I appreciate about TO so far it is that the music scene is definitely on point. I have a feeling I'm going to fall more in love with this city as I get to know it better....

Anyways, this outfit of the day is All about the FUNK...

Outfit of the day:

Brown Romper with pockets - Charlottle Russe
Tan Wedges - Le Chateau

Gold Studs - Forever 21
Feathered Gold Necklace - Forever 21

Secret Find - Feathered Gold Necklace for $7
I remember when I first saw this feathered piece. I was shopping with "S" & I remember seeing the necklace. It was the only one left hanging on the rack and I said, "That looks so weird. But I want it." And I remember "S" looking at me saying "That is so you." And of course, that was the end of it. I had to have it. I miss my shopping buddy! <3. 

Tip of the day: When it comes to accessories, it may look weird on the rack...Until you put it on. Be daring & give it a shot. You can always rock something in a classy way. Someone once told me, "Anyone can rock anything --- it's all about the confidence!"

Until next time! xoxo

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