The Adventures of Buddy the Elf - Week One (Dec 1-7)

This year was the first one that we decided to do an Elf on the Shelf with Miss Avery. We introduced her to Buddy the Elf and so far she has been really enjoying it! We are also really thankful for all the friends and family that have sent us fun ideas along the way. If anyone has any other fun Elf ideas please send them my way! I'm always looking for more and more ideas. 

Check out the Adventures of Buddy the Elf Week One (Dec 1-7, 2020)

Day 1:

Buddy the Elf in his Quarantine Box with a mask. He also had a special Elf bow made for Little Miss A from The Crooked Bow (Check Cindy's shop out on Facebook, she makes amazing bows, hair accessories and Bow-ties)

Day 2:

Making Snow Angels in "snow" (aka. flour) 

Day 3:
Buddy having fun in a Ball Pit! Little Miss A was really excited to see this one and told me that she also has a ball pit downstairs. 

Day 4:
Buddy built a snowman with Olaf. Little Miss A thoroughly enjoyed this one! 

Day 5:
Buddy went fishing and Miss A woke up wanting to eat all the fish. 

Day 6:
True Story. I randomly woke up at 3:30am and realized "I didn't move Buddy the Elf". This is what I came up with at 3:30 in the morning. haha. 

Day 7:
Buddy made some cookies & Miss A enjoyed eating them in the morning. 

Stay tuned for more Adventures with Buddy - Week 2 coming soon! For our first time trying this, we have been having a lot of fun! I love being able to use my creative side and Pinterest has so many fun ideas! 

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