Our Favourite Diapers - Pampers Baby Dry

Little Miss Avery is all ready to go!

These Pampers Baby Dry have been our go to diapers since she's outgrown the Pampers newborn size diapers! 

Being a new, first time mom comes with new experiences and challenges. I personally have had experience growing up changing diapers as I often babysat for other families or watched my little cousins; however, my husband did not have much experience with kids. It was especially funny to see my him change a diaper for the first time. I have to say that he did a great job learning on the fly especially after my C-section. He changed most of the diapers back then as I had difficulties bending down low enough after surgery. (My c-section story and experience will be another post on the blog for sure!) 

Whenever I look back at those memories and look at the present time, I find it hard to believe how quickly Avery has now grown up from a little baby to a toddler! Time flies by so quickly and now she is currently 18 months and sassier than ever. Every time I try to reason with her it's like looking and arguing with a smaller version of myself in the mirror. She is such a little firecracker with a big personality. 

Throughout the past 18 months we've tried various diaper brands such as Huggies, Honest Company, Kirkland and Pampers and out of all those brands, we really love Pampers, specifically the Baby Dry line. Avery unfortunately has eczema but these baby dry diapers are perfect for her sensitive skin. She really is able to move and run around in them with ease. What we also really like about the diapers are that it can hold for up to 12 hours so they are perfect for overnight as we do not have to wake up to change her. There are also added benefits with these diapers as they are free from Chlorine bleaching, latex and parabens. They are also 3x drier than the average diaper brand. Personally, we really like them and have been using them for a while now on Avery. 

Note: This is not a paid ad but we did receive this complimentary box from Influenster Canada and Pampers Canada to test out (honestly though we had a huge box already of these that we use daily, so this was an added bonus/treat). Thank you Influenster Canada and Pampers Canada for sending this to us. #pamperscanada #freefrom #healthyskinhappybaby #contest #complimentary

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