NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO - Road Trip Vlog - Beautiful British Columbia, Canada | Stylish Fashionista

Hi guys! This week I take you on vacation with me! This latest video is a Road Trip Vlog from my most recent trip to Surrey, British Columbia which is where my parents live.

I live in Prince George, BC (up North) and thought it would be nice to take you guys along with me so that you could see the gorgeous scenery that British Columbia has to offer. We took our reliable Toyota 4 Runner on this trip (also nicknamed Benny after my pops).

British Columbia has so much more beautiful scenery and I can't wait to vlog all of it for you one day!

I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did filming it. New videos will be posted every Friday with the occasional bonus video so definitely stay tuned for my next one. Until Next Time loves! ♡xoxo.


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