An in-depth review of the Wunderbrow and it's Pros/Cons

So of course the question is... DOES THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORK? 


Surprisingly it does! I mean for most infomercials that I see on Facebook or Instagram, I always wonder - does it really work!?!? So of course I tested this product out for you guys and quite honestly, it does really work!

After my in-depth product review, I have some of the pros and cons for you. I will also link my YouTube video where you can check this out in action!

1) Super long-lasting product

When I mean long-lasting, I mean this will last for more than a day (if you really want it to). It will definitely last all night long and you don't really have to worry about re-touching up your brows.

2) Waterproof

I did a 'water' test and these brows didn't budge. There was a little transfer onto the paper towel that I drenched with water BUT, I was really really really pushing hard on my brows

3) Smudge proof

Once this product dries, it's pretty smudge proof. I tried to smudge off some product with my finger by pushing really hard on my brow but it did not budge! 

4) Easy to Apply 

This product was relatively easy to apply after following the simple instructions! I am definitely going to be using this product time & time again.

5) Feels Comfortable

It honestly feels like you're not wearing anything on your brows! It pretty comfortable on the face. It doesn't feel cakey! 

6) Buildable product

If you're looking to do that Instagram brow (more intense eyebrow) or even a more natural look, then this product is for you. It layers up really nice and isn't streaky. It's very buildable and you are able to even obtain a darker colour by adding a few layers of product.

7) 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like this product... no problem! Wunderbrow has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Chances are though, you'll be keeping this product!


1) The brush

The brush that comes with the product isn't the greatest. It's good for getting the bulk of the product on your brows but if you want more detail, then I highly recommend using an angled brush to get precision with applying this product. 

2) Price

The Wunderbrow is most costly than other brow products ($34.50 CAD) in comparison to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow ($23 CAD) but what I can say is that you do get your money's worth because it really works!

Note: This product is removable with an oil-based makeup remover. I used Coconut Oil & it was able to take the Wunderbrow off. So if you're concerned about making mistakes or being able to remove this at the end of the night - it really is possible!

Overall if I had to rate this product, I would rate it 5/5 stars. I highly recommend it!

This is a photo of me wearing this product on a night out:


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