NEW YOUTUBE Video - BEAUTY HACK: DIY Sugar Lip Scrub - Simple and Easy!

Hello loves! This is another Beauty Hack and DIY video for you guys. This week I show you how to make your own Sugar Lip Scrub by simply using products from your kitchen.

I love using this Lip Scrub to help exfoliate my lips prior to putting any lipstick on as it allows you to have that perfect and flawless application of lipstick! Let me tell you that this is super easy to do as well as affordable! The best part is that it works and it didn't even have to cost me much. I love doing projects that save me money!

I hope you enjoy this video and please let me know if you try this at home!

New videos will be posted every Friday and Sunday with the occasional bonus video! So definitely stay tuned for my next one. Until Next Time loves! ♡xoxo.

Coconut Oil (1 tbsp) - perfect for naturally moisturizing your lips
Honey (1 tbsp) - has natural healing properties
Brown Sugar (2 tbsp) - perfect for naturally exfoliating that dead skin off of your lips

Note: If you do not like coconut oil you can substitute this for olive oil. You can also substitute brown sugar for white sugar! Also, if you want to add some flavour you can try peppermint oil or vanilla!

You'll also need:
Measuring Spoons
Resealable Container

Until Next Time!

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