Mariposa Gel Nail Polish Review

Price: $ 3 CAD (for 4 bottles - 3 Gel colour coats and one Gel top coat)
Each bottle is 7mL (0.25 fl. oz)

Where Can I find this?

What does this product Claim?
This product claims:
1) No UV Light is needed for Gel Nails
2) Can use regular Nail Polish Remover to remove it 
3) Product will have 14 days of shine
4) 2 Easy Steps (STEP 1: Gel Color Base Coat + STEP 2: Clear Gel Top Coat)
1) The price (it is so affordable)
2) There are a wide selection of colours available (from neutral colours to bright/bold colours)
3) Short Drying Time (~10 minutes)
4) These Gel nails do not require UV light to set
5) Lasts longer than most regular nail polishes
6) Application brush is easy to use and glides easily on the nail
7) Can be easily removed with regular nail polish remover

1) Bottles only come in 7mL or 0.25 fl.oz sizes. The bottles they come in are a bit smaller than the regular Sally Hansen nail polishes you would find at a local drugstore

2) Can be tricky to find since they are usually sold out (at least the Dollarama's where I am located)

My Personal Review:

I think that this product is definitely worth it! I work in the healthcare industry and I am constantly washing my hands, using gloves or hand sanitizer. With my line of work, regular nail polishes will not even last a day without peeling or chipping due to the amount of times I wash my hands. I decided to give this Gel product a try and put it to the test at work. When I paint my nails with this Gel Polish, it will last about 7 days with all the hand washing and hand sanitizer that I use daily at work. The packaging claims that this Gel Polish product will have 14 days of shine and I personally think this would be attainable depending on your line of work. Not only is it affordable but the colour selection is definitely fun as well. I love that there is a wide range of colour selection from bold to more neutral colours

Overall, I definitely recommend this product due to its longevity and affordability. Let me know your thoughts if you give it a try! 

Until Next Time! 


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