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Accessories of the Day:

Outfit of the Day:

Outfit of the day featuring:
Purse @kennethcole
Mossimo Faux Fur Vest @targetstyle @target
Navy Long Sleeve @gap
Leggings @danskinapparel
Necklace @__ardene__
Ring @verawangbride
Aviator Sunglasses @chloe

What's my secret find (a.k.a cheapest item I'm wearing?)
My triangle necklace from Ardene's for only $2 CAD.
The most expensive thing I'm wearing (other than my engagment ring) would be my Chloe Aviator Sunglasses that I got from Neiman Marcus on a trip to Philadelphia for $60 USD.

Outfit Details/Prices:

Purse from Kenneth Cole - $10 USD from Burlington
Mossimo Faux Fur Vest - $20 USD from Target
Leggings from Danskin Apparel - $9 USD from Walmart in the states
Necklace from Ardenes - $2 CAD
Navy Long Sleeve from Gap - $ 7 CAD
Vera Wang Engagement Ring - Priceless... a.k.a my fiance probably had a mini heart attack when he purchased it LOL.
Chloe Aviator Sunglasses from Neiman Marcus - $ 60 USD
Black Leather Boots from Payless - $13 CAD

You can see that I LOVE shopping in the states. I wish our Canadian dollar was much better & I would be crossing the border more often, but hopefully soon it will be. I find that there is so much more variety, brands and styles that are super affordable compared to Canada. However, I will shop anywhere I can find great deals!
My personal style is always about mixing and matching. I believe in the fact that you do not necessarily have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to put together a cute outfit. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with splurging on high quality brand named items if that's what you love to do. But for me, I like mixing and matching all types of brands and finds that are from everywhere including the local thrift store. $1, $2, $3 - you know I love great deals! I think it's actually a fun challenge for me! 

Stay tuned for more outfit of the day blog posts. I used to do them more frequently when I lived in Toronto and wasn't as busy with school. Now that school's done, I'm busy with the work life. Although I love my day job, I enjoy and love sharing my passion of makeup & fashion as well. I promise there will be more to come

Makeup of the Day:

Today's #simple #spring inspired #motd to go with my outfit featuring:
Prism Palette @elfcosmetics
Eyebrow Kit in Medium @elfcosmetics
Eyelid Primer @elfcosmetics
Black Cream Eyeliner @elfcosmetics
Streak @urbandecaycosmetics
Tawny Sensitive Skin Foundation @covergirl
Cover Everything Concealer in Medium @elfcosmetics
Tiki Bronzer @hardcandylife Sunny Bronzer @nyccosmetics
HD Blush in Superstar @elfcosmetics
Earrings & Necklace from
Don't forget to check out my makeup video of the day!

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