This year, Halloween was a blast! Here are images of my transformation into Mars Blackmon (Spike Lee) from the Jordan commercials in the 90s. I even had to make my own 'bling'. We had a blast at our school party!

Outfit of the day:

Love my Toronto People <3. 

Patterned Leggings - Winners
Mars Blackmon Tank - Kensington Market
Red Jacket - Liz Clairborne

Spizike J's - Nike Outlet in Seattle
Gold Chains - St. Lawrence Market
Mars Blackmon Chain - Handmade
Black Glasses - Chinatown
Red "brooklyn" Cap - Honest Ed's
Gold Watch - Michael Kors

Secret Find - Making my own Mars Blackmon Chain out of Cardboard & Gold Nailpolish. haha whole thing cost me $1.

Until Next Time!

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