It was absolutely gorgeous outside today!!! Perfect for summer dresses & shades!

I had to share my awesome finds while shopping on Queen Street in downtown Toronto! You won't believe what I found and for what price!

As I was walking down Queen Street, there was a store that was having a bin sale. Everything in the bin was $1 --- all brand new! So of course, I decided to take a look. Not everything was nice... but luckily,

I found some treasures!
This one, a off white lace shirt with a ribbon... Adorable!

 Olive Green Crop Top with Black Lace on the back

Floral Chiffon Tank 

Secret Find - Random Store on Queen Street (I don't remember what it's even called). But I got this all for a grand total of.... $3.50. Yeah, that's right. 3 dollars & 50 cents.

These will be featured on my blog in the near future!

Until Next Time!

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