Got 'Til It's Gone

En Route to NYC & Philly for the week. I am super duper excited. I cannot wait to relax, hang out with friends & of course, shop. Every time I'm on the east coast, I tell myself I'm not going to shop that much but I can't help it when there's always crazy sales around me. In philadelphia, I've bought about 4 pairs of winter boots for $10 or less. So I know, there's going to be crazy sales in store. Stay tuned for what I find in Philly/NYC. 

Outfit of the day:

Vintage White Blouse - Salvation Army
Black Spandex Leggings - Honest Ed's
Brown Boots - Ardenes

Vintage Brown Leather Belt - V.Village
Feathered Earrings - Honest Ed's

Secret FInd - Feathered Earrings from Honest Ed's for 99cents. 

Until Next Time!

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