Rock With You

City-life casual --- On the go but rockin' them J's. If you know me well, you'll know that I also love basketball and Kobe Bryant.
For sneaker apparel though, you'll usually find me rockin' J's, Nikes or Creative Recs. Now, if only there was a NBA season this year... Guess that'll have to wait...

Outfit of the day:

Black Spandex Leggings - Honest Ed's
Jordan Spizike (GS) - Nike Outlet in Seattle
Red Cotton Tee - Miley Cyrus
White Racer Jacket - Ross

Gold Hoops - Forever 21

Secret Find - Red Cotton Tee by Miley Cyrus for $1 at the Walmart supercenter in Seattle. It was that good of a deal for a plain oversized tee that I bought one in every colour they had. 

Until next time! 

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