Chocolate High

This song always puts me in a good mood even though late night early mornings are currently on repeat. Last night, I couldn't sleep until 3:30am & I don't even know why. But then, I woke up early this morning & hit the gym before school. Strange...

So what are my plans for this lovely Friday afternoon/evening? Oh, I'm just about to head to the library.... *snooze*.

Outfit of the day:

White Knitted Vest - V.Village
Navy Blue Cotton Tank - Winners
Jeggings - Ross
Granny Leather Loafers - V.Village

M.Emond's Tribal Print Triangle Earrings - St. Lawrence Market
Brown Leather Belt - V.Village
Brown Plastic Framed Glasses - Random Store in Philadelphia

Secret Find - White Knitted Vest from V.Village for $3.

Until next time!

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