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My Retail Therapy....

Initially, I went shopping for some boots. I was looking for some cute rain boots but the problem with me is that I have issues fitting them properly over my honking calves. Ugh. Annoying. After talking to my mom, she asked me why I didn't just get waterproof winter boots instead of looking for rain boots since it doesn't rain that much out here. And so I decided to spend my money wisely and listen to my mama. I decided to spend some money on waterproof winter boots.

Now, I've been doing my research and waterproof winter boots
a) are super expensive $$$ (we're talking in the $200+ range)
b) Try to look somewhat stylish but are usually still ugly
For instance, Sorels. They don't look too pretty but I guess you won't be complaining when your feet are warm in -40 degree weather. I'm still thinking of investing in a pair of Sorels for the winter but we'll see how rough the snow gets out here first.

Anyways, I actually found some really cute boots today at a store by the Eaton's centre. These boots are good for -20 degree weather, are super insulated inside & are waterproof plus they don't look as bad as the other waterproof boots I've seen. And they were only $80. Good find for me. Check 'em out....

And I also got a pair of Airwalk boots on sale. They're going to be perfect for my quick walks to school & lounging around :) Such a good finds for me today when it comes to shoes. I spent a total of $160 on 2 pairs of boots, 2 pairs of super cute flats and a pair of cute sneakers. I've been saving plus some birthday money helped with that!

These pics make me miss all my other shoes back home! I can't wait to bring 'em over..... 
And then I went to Winners. Oh how I love Winners. I spent a total of $97 and got 10 items. Not bad at all! And two of them were awesome designer finds. I won't post all of my finds 'cause they'll probably appear on my blog one day but I'll definitely tell you about them!

Secret Designer Finds - Elie Tahari shirt for $9. And a BCBG dress for $20. Yep, $9 and $20. I was such a happy camper. 10 things for $97 dollars is not a bad deal at all!

I got stuff that I really needed plus a little something something on the side. All for a pretty reasonable price.

Until next time! xoxo

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